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Board and Staff

Citizens Advice Liverpool Trustee Board

The Board of Trustees has overall collective control of and responsibility for CAL

Day-to-day responsibility for CAL is delegated to the CAL Manager, who reports to both the Board and its two main sub committees that are:

  • Finance Sub Committee
  • Staffing Sub Committee.

CAL's Board is made up of seven independent members and a Trustee from each of the five Bureaux in membership.

The Board currently comprises:

  • Alison Gibbon (Acting Chair)
  • Sarah Wilson (Treasurer)
  • Kim Crowe
  • Paul Wilkie
  • Paul Radford
  • Gwen White
  • James Organ
  • Gill Moglione

The Trustee Board meets bi monthly in the early evening. Additional theme specific meetings are held as and when required.