Feedback from organisations!


The Financial Capability Hub project is delivered to tenants across Liverpool. The project is delivered via Host locations including CAB offices within Liverpool, Housing Associations and other third sector organisations. We offer home visit appointments and individuals can self refer or be referred by an organisation that would feel the project would be of benefit to their service users. See comments below from organisations who have benefitted from using this service:


 Mark Porter YMCA, Liverpool

"A lot of the issues facing the residents are day to day items such as budgeting and opening a bank account, which are extremely important in helping the resident move forward, but also issues for which they may not feel comfortable seeking support with elsewhere. Liverpool YMCA are now looking into integrating the project into the induction process so that support is being provided from an early stage."


"Presence of the IFC project at the centre means that residents are much more likely to engage and also frees up staff time in a very busy organisation."


"The service being provided is exceeding expectations and is highly recommended."



Rachel Murad, Local Solutions

"The IFC service has been invaluable to our project and the young vulnerable people whom we support.  They have been quick to make contact on all occasions, and being able to track where the process is up to for each individual case, makes keeping on top of appointments so much easier."



 Lynne Condell, Liverpool John Moores University

"Student accommodation is often not effective in teaching students to manage their money, meaning that developing these skills is put off. Access to support such as the Financial Capability Hub upon leaving such accommodation can be very valuable in these circumstances."



 Amelia Hicks, Chapter1 Housing, Liverpool

"The project has enabled clients to be empowered with finances - one client has said the project has given her crucial knowledge and understanding thus increasing her confidence. Another client has said that it has maximised their income allowing them to have more choice and control of their life! 

"I feel it has been invaluable for clients allowing them access to specialist service while breaking down barriers!"