How Can We Help?


Are you a tenant?

Would you like support with managing your money and paying your bills?

If you think you could benefit from support from the Financial Capability Hub? Visit for more information.

Take a look at our video below to see how the Financial Capability Hub helped Sarah...


Do you work with tenants?

We can assist tenants in Liverpool with their personal money management

If you work for an organisation which supports people in housing via Registered Social Landlord Services, Student Housing Associations, Sheltered/ Temporary Accommodation or supporting those on benefits then the Financial Capability Hub is for you.

The project targets any age group from 16+. We are particularly trying to reach social housing tenants, first-time tenants, such as those leaving home for the first time, students, people setting up on their own after a relationship breakdown, returning from the armed forces, or a change in life circumstances. However, any tenant living in Liverpool can benefit from FREE financial support and guidance.

Assisting people with their money management has huge benefits such as:

+ Reduced rent arrears and eviction costs

+ Lowering the numbers of void properties.

+ Increase in self-confidence for tenants

+ Gaining new skills

+ Self empowerment

+ Regaining control of finances